4 Ways Facebook Remarketing Will Improve Your ROI

Let’s break down what Facebook remarketing (also known as retargeting) is, and how it can benefit your return on investment (ROI).

As a business owner, you might feel as if you have tried every marketing technique available to expand your reach. However, have you tried running remarketing campaigns on Facebook? Through this tactic, it will become possible to offer your services to new clients that are already interested in your business.

Are you unfamiliar with Facebook remarketing? Let’s break down what remarketing (also known as retargeting) is, and how it can benefit your return on investment (ROI).4 Ways Facebook Remarketing Will Improve Your ROI

What Is Facebook Remarketing?

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy used by businesses to specifically target ads to those who have already visited their website and/or shown previous interest in their service. The process is simple: you categorize visitors that come to your website, create custom ads specifically to appear on Facebook, and then present these ads to the same visitors through Facebook advertising.

Facebook remarketing is a crafty way to attract a specific target group to your website. As opposed to spending time and money towards expensive ad campaigns intended for a mass audience, remarketing encourages you to put that effort towards a select group that’s already interested and more likely to purchase your product.

There are more remarkable advantages to this clever Facebook marketing strategy than you might realize. Here are four other ways in which Facebook ad targeting will benefit your business.

Social Media Matters

1. Lower Cost per Click

Facebook remarketing has a lower cost per click in comparison to search engines due to Facebook traffic being less targeted than search engine traffic. On Google or Yahoo, people are searching for a specific product (this is known as pull marketing). Compared to social media where users are not actively searching for a product and therefore are more difficult to reach (via push marketing), the overall cost per click will be lower on these platforms.

Therefore, Facebook ads benefit from lower price points. Decreased cost per click really only benefits you – think of it like cutting a corner.

2. Increased Conversions

Converting potential customers into buyers is a skill that takes practice, and one that’s dependent on a constantly fluctuating market. If you operate in a competitive industry, this problem is intensified. Most likely your potential customers check out your site, click away to compare, and then return to finalize their decision. However, this process leads to the likelihood that you’ll lose customers because of a better offer, or they just forget to come back.

Through Facebook remarketing, you’re visually reminding the potential buyer to return to the site. A subtle sidebar ad is enough to make them remember.

In a world full of consumer options, sometimes you have to give people an additional reminder that you’re available to them. Facebook remarketing is the perfect way to achieve this.

3) Opportunistic Social Proof

Facebook remarketing doesn’t have to limit your visibility to just potential customers – you can also target those who have already become buyers as a reminder to return. The forum setup allows for previous and enthusiastic users to recommend your service to new users.

Hesitant customers always love the reassurance of non-business officials positively reviewing a service, and they are more likely to invest if there’s evidence of satisfaction from previous buyers. Facebook remarketing gives potential customers an opportunity to be won over by previous purchasers.

4. Expanded Market Reach

Not only does remarketing increase visibility to those that have visited your site, but also to those with similar interests.

This can be achieved via the Facebook Ads Manager through an offsite pixel, which creates a custom audience of anyone who has visited a page on your site. From here, you can make a lookalike audience that will likely be interested in your product.

Need More Information?

If Facebook remarketing sounds appealing to you, but you’re still unfamiliar with the process or how to implement these techniques, we can help. At Soak Creative, we are a creative brand, design and digital marketing agency that understands Facebook marketing and can help you utilize this strategy as effectively as possible.

Interested in Facebook remarketing in your digital campaigns? Contact us now for more information.

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