5 Benefits of Google Shopping Ads for your Online Store

Learn how the benefits of Google Shopping Ads can help you and your business sell more products and get more customers on your online eCommerce store.

Online shopping has transformed the way we buy, sell and think about commerce. While there are many ways to help generate sales, Google Shopping Ads are a game-changer for your ecommerce business.

Let’s take a look at five important ways Google Shopping Ads will boost your online store.Digital Marketing Google Shopping Ads

1. Google Shopping Ads get your product out there

Customers may be looking for your product, but not know who you are. This is a problem of visibility; people aren’t going to be aware of you right away. A Google Shopping Ad is a great way to get your product seen. It can also be a great first point of contact for your customer, one that leads them to your site directly.

Don’t know who your customer is? Learn more about how to define your target audience.

2. Google Shopping Ads raise your product’s visibility on organic result pages

Google already knows the shopper who’s looking for your product. By creating a Google Shopping Ad, Google is working both with you and the shopper to match your ad to what the shopper usually searches for online.

If the shopper is looking for your product and you don’t have a Google Shopping Ad, they may:

  1. Take the time to look through pages and pages of results until they eventually find you.
  2. Go with the product that is very similar to yours, but showed up first because of a Google shopping Ad.

With Google Shopping Ads, your online store doesn’t have to miss out on leads anymore.

3. Google Shopping Ads are the #1 product marketing tool

Hands up if you use Google to find recommendations? Yep, that’s just about everyone. According to several studies, Google Shopping Ads are the now the leading ad format for retail advertisers. Take a search engine with the highest traffic and an embedded, easy-to-use product search function and hey presto! Your target market just got more accessible.

4. Google Shopping Ads are the only way to rank on top of search results

If you want your product to be visible when potential customers are searching, you can no longer ignore Google Shopping Ads. Shopping ads are now the first thing you see in product searches. Keeping Google Shopping on your to-do list is no longer an option if you want to compete for sales and generate more leads to your website.

Google Shopping is a great first point of contact for your customer. You’ll be generating more leads to your site and grow awareness of your product in no time. After that first click, linking them to your website, potential customers can return to your site in the future.

5. They allow for flexible budgets

Thinking about the amount you want to spend on ecommerce marketing is difficult. It all depends on your budget, what you are wanting to achieve and how quickly you want results. The great part about using Google Shopping Ads, is that you can easily adjust your ads to suit your business and budget.

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