The Brand Story, Explained

A great brand story controls how customers perceive your brand, how they engage & interact with you, and how they can buy into and trust your brand.

When it comes to selling your product, first impressions matter. How buyers, clients or customers perceive your brand initially, shapes the way they choose to engage with your company from then on.

Many companies make the same mistake of prioritizing what the brand is saying rather than how they are saying it. A “brand story” is one of the most quintessential elements of cultivating a brand image that people can buy into and trust.

What is your brand story?

The most important thing anyone can do for a brand is trust it, and this is where the brand story comes into play. This device is a narrative that encompasses the mission of the company. It often also includes details of its founding or coming to fruition. All this comes out in the form of a story meant to evoke emotional responses. Like-minded people reading this story will see a company that aligns with an idea or thought that inspires them.

One of the largest and most important aspects of a brand story is how it engages with its audience and its community. A good brand story tells readers how your company has built itself up in the community and become a part of it. It tells how clients trust and continue to return to your company.

To your readers, this branding lets them know you offer the best and most reliable products and services.

How to Use it?

There are many elements of the story that you cannot control. Negative press or mishaps can happen. Disgruntled clients or even competition in the form of other companies can all have their say. These can contribute to the public image of your company in a way that can negatively impact your viewership and client base.

However, a concise, emotional story can empower your company. It shows who you are, what you care about, and why they deserve your high-quality products and services. Your branding is a chance to change or lead the story. The more consistently you define your brand, the less others are able to do it for you. The brand story is a method of brand positioning that allows you to do just that.

How Do You Tell it?

The narrative itself must be captivating. It should help the reader to trust and appreciate the brand based for more than just their products and services. A story can do this through a number of methods, including:

Utilizing Many Voices

The best way to encourage trust in a client is to show rather than tell. Include testimonies from satisfied clients and experts in the field. Utilize other voices in the telling of the story. This adds validity and allows readers to believe in the company’s ability to follow through effectively.

Focusing on the Mission

Don’t merely quantify the things that your company has done. Instead, remember to include heartfelt pieces. These can be just as important as information about the company. Including your company’s thoughts and feelings adds color and character to your brand. The same effect happens when you include how your company has overcome adversity.

Need More Information?

Your company’s story is waiting to be written. Your brand is waiting to be seen by readers who could turn into clients. We have experience helping companies to bring out the best version of their story, in order to help audiences see the most engaging qualities in them. We can help your company create a powerful brand story. We’d love to hear from you!

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