How to Find Your Niche Market for Your Business

Looking to distinguish your business from competitors, but don’t know exactly how to achieve that goal? Your answer is finding your business niche with digital marketing. Knowing your niche market makes your business a powerhouse. Suddenly you’ll have less competition, and you’ll see massive growth if you know how to successfully identify grow your target…

Brand Story Explained

The Brand Story, Explained

Selling a product or getting your company noticed begins with the first impression. How buyers or clients or customers perceive your brand, and how often they are able to see your brand both control the way that they choose to engage and interact with it. Many companies make the same mistake of prioritizing what the…

Everything You Need to Know: Personal Branding

Everyone wants to be that guy (or girl). To be everywhere, to be talked about, to be head-hunted and hounded for quotes, follows, advice and comments. It’s not magic, there’s no fairy dust or under-the-table dealings (there could be, but we don’t engage in that sort of thing) – nope, becoming known and wanted all comes down to a discipline we love dearly.