Digital Accessibility and What It Means for Your Brand

Making Digital Accessible

The conversation about inclusivity and accessibility is rightfully becoming more and more commonplace. As we strive to make the world more accessible for those living with disability by providing aides such as ramps, lifts, and braille, so should we strive to make our digital world more accessible. Digital accessibility is the practice of making websites, […]

Google’s Mobile-first Indexing

Google mobile first Indexing

Let’s take a look at exactly how Google Mobile-first indexing works, and what you need to do before launching your new website.

How to design an effective Landing Page

Campaign Landing Page

Whether it’s a new boss, a first date or your website’s landing page – first impressions matter. What can you do to make your company’s landing page great?

7 Common Website Redesign Mistakes

Website Redesign Mistakes

For business owners, there are several common mistakes that can happen in a website redesign process. Avoid those mistakes and build a better experience for your customers.

How Much Should a Website Cost?

Website Costs

if you’re running a business in this digital day and age, having an efficient, targeted website isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ it’s a ‘must have’. And although the costs of websites vary according to a whole range of factors, the question ‘How much does a website cost?’ does not really equate to the phrase ‘How long is a piece of string’.