Content marketing tips to set your brand apart in 2024

With more businesses producing online content every day, it’s crucial to understand how your brand can stand out against the competition. Long gone are the days when any digital marketing strategie could set you apart from those who didn’t have a strategy at all.

Content marketing for Brisbane brands can be an especially competitive area, so it’s important to only incorporate the latest techniques into your marketing approach. This comprehensive guide outlines contemporary, researched tips to help your business evolve.

Remember that Content Marketing Isn’t an Advertisement

Before you continue posting any form of online content, you should evaluate whether you’re using it to sell your products or create genuine engagement with your audience. Most likely, you already have some form of advertisement to sell services to your audience. You should use content marketing to build a positive view of your brand, and not to double down on your sales pitch.

That’s not to say you can never share a promotion or product while posting digital content. You still want your audience to be aware of what you can offer them. However, if your audience feels that you see them as a customer more than you see them as a person, you may lose your readers.

Support your advertisements by using digital content to share your company’s values and create a welcoming environment for your viewers.

Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Is Customer-Centric

Though you’re trying to create a positive image of your brand, content marketing is still all about your audience. By talking at your viewers instead of with your viewers, you’re not giving anyone a reason to interact with your company.

Not all forms of content are going to support direct engagement, so you should take advantage of the ones that do. If most of your content marketing is done through blog posts, start conversations with your customers in the comments. Answer questions and show an interest in any stories your readers might share with you. If you do most of your content marketing on social media, try and join in on any conversations that start in the comments.

Incorporate Educational Content Into Your Digital Marketing

A positive image of your brand will only go so far if your audience isn’t sure what your business is about. You should see online platforms as a way to share what you know about your products or services – not just as an opportunity to share your values. This is crucial if you’re in a small niche or fairly new industry.

A great way to share educational information is through infographics. Many infographics published by organisations are information-dense, but you don’t necessarily have to post a long banner of text. Since you should be constantly researching your niche anyway, simply sharing some of what you learn in a caption or video can give a viewer a reason to become a customer

Take Advantage of the Ephemeral Content Marketing Trend

Evergreen content—information that sticks around forever—was the most important form of content. On many platforms, it was actually the only format an account could post in. These days, ephemeral content is on the rise—media that disappears after a limited amount of time.

The popularity of ephemeral content can be attributed to the psychological phenomenon of FOMO—the fear of missing out. Research suggests losing something has a far greater impact on people’s minds than gaining something, and this is why social media is a notorious source of FOMO. Because ephemeral content tends to be even more up-to-date than evergreen posts, it soothes an audience’s desire to stay in the loop.

The number of ephemeral posts that work for you will entirely depend upon the services you offer, so it may be good to research what brings success to others in your niche. For example, those who offer creative services or products may want to upload a steady stream of ephemeral content throughout the week. Your audience will be interested in viewing what you’re producing on that particular day.

On the other hand, businesses that offer products that last a long time—such as appliances—may prefer to only post ephemeral content when they’re running a promotion. The urgent nature of flash sales and deals will be emphasised to your customers if posted in an ephemeral format.

Experiment with this trending content type to find what works for you. Evergreen posts will still be the basis of your brand’s image, so don’t neglect a regular posting schedule in favour of ephemeral content.

Save Time by Repurposing Old Content

It’s no secret that content marketing for Brisbane brands is a booming niche, and many business owners choose to outsource their online content needs to these agencies. The reason for this is that many entrepreneurs believe perfecting their digital marketing strategies on their own is too time-consuming, especially if you’re managing the other aspects of your business alone.

While it’s true you need to invest time into any kind of marketing you do, that doesn’t mean it has to take a long time. There are many quick digital marketing actions you can do to build your brand’s image, and this includes re-uploading your best posts.

Reposting for success doesn’t mean simply copying and pasting old captions or making your social media accounts a loop of the same content. Instead, think about how you can make your old posts relevant to your audience today.

For example, you may consider re-uploading a really engaging visual with a link or explanation of your current promotions. Or, you could create a flashback to one of your first posts and highlight the ways your business has evolved since then. The way you reuse your content will depend entirely on your goals, niche, and brand, but just remember you should alter the upload in some way to make it engaging.

If you’ve been considering using an agency that does content marketing in Brisbane, try repurposing some of your older content first. Using the media that you’ve already created can save you more money when compared to outsourcing while producing the same great results.

Establish an Online Presence

While content marketing for Brisbane brands is a part of one’s overall online presence, it is not enough by itself. Many entrepreneurs focus on making their audience find them — which is important — but you should also work to find your audience. This means putting your brand into spaces that are not solely meant for promotion.

Think of whom you’re targeting with your online content. Most people who follow your social media pages or blog are people who are enticed by what your company has to offer. Even with an excellent digital marketing strategy, the people finding you are people who are already invested in your niche.

For more information, read our article on How to Define Your Target Market For Your Business

If you establish your brand outside these spaces—perhaps on social media platforms uncommon to your niche—you start converting people who would’ve otherwise never heard about your business. Great platforms for this strategy are Quora, Reddit, or any social media platforms that you don’t already use. When enhancing your online presence, focus on appearing helpful and friendly instead of promotional.

Be Mindful of Everything You Communicate

Though it’s clear that digital marketing is very important for growth, it’s not the only factor that influences your brand’s image. Every single word, image, video, or any other form of media that’s associated with your brand will shape how your audience sees your business. This includes another crucial component to your success—customer service.

The link between customer service and marketing strategy is especially important if you do any form of customer service on your social media accounts, and it’s advised that you do. Research has found that customers who get customer service responses through social media are much more likely to spend extra money on that business, even if they had a complaint about the company.

Besides helping the customers that you’re directly speaking to, you may also draw in more customers. People are much more likely to trust a brand that openly responds to both complaints and concerns versus those that ignore their customers. If you’re lucky, people may even share an exceptional customer service story with their friends or family.

When you keep in mind that every online interaction you have could potentially convert a reader into a customer, your Internet manner will change for the better.

Polish Your Digital Marketing Strategies

You know what’s best for your business and audience, so always make sure you incorporate new marketing techniques in a way that makes sense for you. As with any aspect of your business, evaluating and upgrading your approaches to keep up with the competition is crucial for growth. Exceptional content marketing for Brisbane businesses can make the difference between getting lost in your niche and an amazing success story.

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