The benefits of Instagram and Facebook Video Marketing


Video use has rapidly been expanding on social media. Even Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees the continuing importance of video on his platform, stating “I see video as a megatrend”

Businesses can take advantage of the “megatrend” by using more recorded content in their digital marketing and content strategy plans to further engage with their customers and gain new ones. If you still are not convinced that incorporating more video advertising is a great move for your business, then consider these benefits.

Videos Grab the Attention of the Viewer

There is a heap information on the internet today. On social media, people are inundated with status updates and articles. Businesses need to stand out against all the noise, and make sure that their advertising is working for them.

Video is a great way to do just that.

They’re inherently entertaining and interesting (well… they should be!) – the animation and motion immediately catch the viewer’s attention much more completely than a wall of text ever will. Additionally, people today get bored very easily. Users are more likely to watch a two-minute video than read a five-minute article.

No one is going to want to read a post about how great your company’s services are when instead they could watch a hilarious cat montage. I mean, check out this.

Instead, make a short film clip detailing your company’s services that’s honest, heartfelt, funny, or eye-catching, and suddenly people are interested.

Videos Convert Prospects into Leads

Seeing really is believing. You could have the most perfectly written advertisement outlining the how your product works, but that still may not convince customers that your product is the best.

People may be familiar with your brand, products, and services but still just not be completely on board. A short Facebook video may just be the trick to win over new customers by clearly illustrating the effectiveness of your products and services, or having a client testimonial telling them how good it is!

Now they don’t just have to take your word for it, they can see it in action on the go, wherever they are, from the palm of their hand if you engage in social media video marketing.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Platforms are Improving their Video Capabilities

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have all greatly improved their video and audio capabilities in the past few months and years. Facebook now allows its users to see featured clips, make playlists, and embed Facebook videos into articles and websites that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Instagram has greatly increased the length that their Story audiovisual clips can be from a short sharp ten seconds to a whole minute. Instagram videos can now explore many new avenues than was previously possible.

Snapchat still has their limit per snap at ten seconds, but now it is possible to string videos together if the action requires it. All these improvements make video marketing on social media so much more effective.

Video Production is Becoming Less Expensive

You’ve met with, or identified, your pick of branding agencies and you now need to decide which one will handle your business. What do you do? Do you initiate a creative pitch?

This is a complex issue, that centres mostly around tradition. Traditionally, clients would go to 3-5 branding agencies with a brief, and ask them to compete for the business by “pitching” concepts within a particular time-frame.

A creative pitch is essentially a competition, where agencies work for free and expend a massive amount of resources, with no guarantee of paid work in the future. This is why the creative pitch is becoming an outdated idea.

That being said, you definitely don’t have to jump straight into a contract with your perspective agency. Many agencies are happy to work on a project basis, at least until clients get a feel for them.

What should I look (and look out) for when selecting my branding agency?

With the ever-growing popularity of iPhones and other smartphones, everyone now has the ability to create and edit recorded content. It is no longer necessary to spend exorbitant amounts of money to produce high-quality film clips.

These advancements in technology mean that businesses can create great video content that will increase their sales without having to allocate large portions of their budget to that purpose. Essentially, there is no reason for businesses not to call yourself a film maker!

Hopefully, the above benefits have introduced you to the positive advantages that utilizing audiovisual content on social media can create for your business. This new development in the world of digital marketing is not one that businesses can afford to miss out on.

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