Facebook Lead Ads – Get High Quality Leads on Social Media

When businesses want to expand their reach and convert readers to subscribers or buyers, should use Facebook Lead Ads. It’s as simple as click, click, done.

When businesses want to expand their client base and improve their brand visibility online, they now choose to utilise Facebook lead ads in favor of other, older styles of online advertising.

Studies have shown that if clicking on an ad brings a client to another landing page, the length of time it takes for them to navigate the site will cause them to lose interest.

With Facebook Lead Ads, it’s as simple as click, click, done. The ease of navigation, appealing design interface, and simple solution make this ad tactic incredibly successful in converting readers to subscribers or buyers.Facebook Lead Ads

What Are Facebook Lead Ads, Really?

Ads are everywhere. As their scope expands, so do the forms they come in. Facebook Lead Ads are pleasantly designed mobile ads that matches the format readers are accustomed to seeing online. Rather than redirecting them to an entirely new page, it simply pulls up a quick web form for them to list contact information.

Within a few short clicks and taps, they are done! This process is much faster and easier than other more complicated ad systems. It allows the potential client to get their information in as soon as possible.

With each step that a potential client has to click through on an ad, they lose interest and are more likely to click away. Facebook lead ads understands this. Therefore, it makes the process fast and simple so that they can get through the ad without clicking away too early.

What Are The Benefits of Facebook Lead Ads?

One of the reasons that so many have chosen to use Facebook Lead Ads to increase their conversion rate and decrease their cost per lead is because of the versatility permitted by these ads. With the form and design, lead ads are the perfect opportunity to spike interest and increase online engagement with deals, events, and products.

These Facebook marketing ads are perfect for:

  • Signing up for a newsletter or email update
  • Submitting for an initial consultation
  • Receiving a web coupon or offer
  • Ordering or pre-ordering a product
  • Setting up a subscription
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • And much more!

Proven Results

Facebook Lead Ads is one of the most effective techniques for your digital marketing strategy. Not only does this process solves the common issue of users clicking away from ads too early, but it is mobile friendly.

On mobile devices, ad campaigns without a mobile layout are difficult to read and navigate. These campaigns slow loading of the redirect to a landing page and require too much information to be filled out on a phone.

In response to these issues, Facebook Lead Ads approaches social media marketing in a way that intends to address and overcome these concerns.

  • Rather than redirecting to a landing page on a different site, which may take a long time to load, these ads keep them in Facebook with a simple pop-up contact form.
  • There are no median clicks between clicking on the add and clicking submit, meaning potential clients won’t get lost on the way to where you need them to be.
  • Facebook auto-fills a number of slots on the contact sheet if possible, meaning the user might only have to fill in one or two pieces of information for themselves.


A big draw of this type of ad is that it can really be customized to the needs of your company.  Choose what information you’d like to collect from the potential client and it will all be included in the contact form that appears when they click on the ad. Digital marketing has never been so easy!

Less effort, less time, and more results! Digital Marketing in Brisbane with Facebook Lead Ads can boost your mobile conversion results through the roof. All with only a few simple changes to the clickable ad formula and structure.

How to Start?

Facebook Lead Ads are easy to work with and have a long track record of increasing conversion rates and decreasing cost per lead. We specialise in Facebook marketing in Brisbane for companies looking to expand their brand presence online.

At Soak Creative and one of our seasoned professionals will be ready and available to help you with the most innovative digital marketing techniques in the industry.

Contact Soak Creative to learn more more.

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