The Importance of Brand Consistency

Your brand should be true to your vision of your company, and if it doesnt cohesively, your brand can be confusing at best, and unrecognisable at worst.

Your brand is more than just a name, a logo, and a slogan — it’s what distinctly separates YOU from your competitors. Understanding your branding and rebranding strategy is crucial to making your business stand out.

Why do you need brand consistency?

Imagine that your branding strategy is a machine. If all of its parts don’t flow together cohesively, the machine falls apart or just fails to work. It’s the same with your brand — when your image is inconsistent, your brand can be confusing at best, and unrecognizable at worst.

Brand consistency is the best way to ensure your business is set apart from your competitors. When a brand has consistency, consumers can know what to expect every time they visit a store, agency, or website.

Everyone knows social media is constantly changing. Just as your business adjusts to one change on a platform, another update comes along. The parts of your brand can become disjointed with these technological shifts. It’s important to maintain the continuity of your brand with these changes. As a leading Brisbane brand agency, Soak Creative understands that your brand should grow with technology, not against it.

What makes your brand consistent? 

It’s not as simple as creating a logo and a catchy slogan — brand consistency is nuanced, with multiple moving parts, including:


How large are they? Do they consist of words or pictures? Are there different logos for different advertising materials? If so, why?


Is it a classic look with a serif font, or a more modern, sans serif option? Pick a font that matches the tone of your website.

Toneof voice

Your market can largely determine your tone, or it could be based on personal preference. Are you traditional? Professional? Sarcastic? The language you use in your marketing material creates your tone.

Colour palette

The colours you pick can also be indicative of your tone or voice. This should also be in congruence with your logo colours, most likely.

Marketing material

What kind of templates do you use for different materials, and why?

Social media

Keep all of your social media platforms consistent with everything you have already established elsewhere. Consistency is key. 

How can brand consistency make your business stand out?

Every brand should be unique. Don’t simply copy your branding off other successful companies — your brand should be distinct in its concept, with this individuality demonstrated across every aspect of its design.

If your brand authentically reflects your company’s message, it should be simple to keep your brand consistent. Don’t pour money down the drain to keep an inauthentic idea afloat; the only way your brand will be successful is by telling a brand story that you believe in. Soak’s Brisbane brand agency can help you understand the goals of your brand and help actualize them to their full potential.

How does a style guide help retain brand consistency?

Style guides are an essential part of maintaining a cohesive, consistent brand, both in the eyes of your customers and your employees.

A style guide gathers together all of the components of your brand in one useful resource. It can be as simple as a single page of information or a full, multi-page book that covers each bit of stylistic details of your company.

Here’s why brand style guides are such a vital tool in retaining brand consistency for your company, your employees, and the agencies that work with you – https://soak.co/brand-style-guides-building-consistent-brand/

Why is your company finding brand consistency difficult?

One of the reasons your brand may be hard to keep consistent across all platforms is that you may be in need of a rebrand. Soak Creative isn’t just a Brisbane brand agency – we’re professionals in rebranding as well.

You may need to rebrand if you find that:

  • You need to reach out to a new target demographic
  • Your brand is not true to its original intention or to who you are
  • You are in a legal situation in which your brand is too similar to another
  • You’ve hired a new marketing team

It may be necessary to consider a rebranding strategy. Soak, as a Brisbane rebrand agency, can help focus your brand into something consistent, unique and noticeable.

Think your business may need a rebrand? Here are 4 reasons why your business may need a rebrand.

Start Your Rebranding Journey

Start Your Rebranding Journey

Is it time to streamline your business or evolve your image with a rebrand?

The first step to recovery is admitting your brand has a problem. Listen to your employees, customers, and stakeholders when they tell you that your brand is inconsistent. To refuse any constructive criticism is to deny your company the opportunity to grow. At Soak Creative, we’re a Brisbane brand agency that can help keep your brand story consistent across all platforms.

We’ll get you on the road to brand recovery. We are here to help. Get in contact with us today to kick-start your branding journey. 

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