Brand Naming

A name you can be proud of

While great brand naming helps your business stick in the minds of others, when done poorly, it can be disastrous.

Your brand name should be unique.
It should be special.
It should be memorable.

But while you want a brand name that punches, it should also reflect your brand’s identity and values. More than anything, it should stick in the mind of your audience for all the right reasons.

SOAK takes a collaborative approach to brand naming. We work closely with you to find a name that works for your brand. Through our extensive research process and industry knowledge, we will land you a name that just works.

Our Brand
Naming Process

There is more that goes into brand naming than just thinking of something that sounds catchy. SOAK conducts thorough market research to create names that will stick, names that will convert, and names that are distinctive.

Brand naming also requires finding what is available and works across all formats. You don’t want to end up with names that work well on a billboard, but look iffy on a URL. You also don’t want to choose a name that doesn’t have an available domain name, or account name for your targeted social media channels.

SOAK takes all of these factors into consideration with our brand naming services. We start with finding your purpose – what drives you to succeed each and every day. From there, we blaze ahead with determining what is best for your target audience, all the while keeping you in the loop with our developments as we work towards a name that matches in every way.

Branding Excellence
with SOAK

SOAK is one of Brisbane’s leading branding and digital marketing agencies. Our team of branding experts work hard to help your business establish and cement a spot in the market with our full range of brand naming services.

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