Social Media – The Key to Successful Branding

How can your branding become dominant on social media? Here are the key things to remember when building your brand on social media.

With over three billion people in the world using some form of social media, it has proven to be an extremely popular advertising tool.

Every day, this online community relies on social media for news, communicating with friends, and entertainment. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide a way to personalise a user’s interactions with companies they are or may be interested in. If ads or shares catch their attention, they can view more details on the company’s page and follow their feeds.

Social media marketing utilises this as an exposure tool. As more people follow and share posts from your site, the broader your reach will be. A broader reach means more leads and conversions coming your way.

So how can your branding become dominant on social media? Here are some things to remember when building your brand online.

Create a Consistent Strategy

It is essential to come up with a brand strategy before publicising your final product. This allows you to organise and lay out the final decisions on what your company’s purpose, tone and advertising will entail. Not only will having a concrete plan help keep the brand on focus, but you’ll also be prepared for the future growth of your company. It is crucial to have all partners on the same page, and it can be a useful training exercise for new employees.

Consistency in logos, mottos and promotions is imperative for a positive first impression. What the public is seeing on social media needs to attract curiosity and have a lasting effect. If your brand is recognisable to a consumer, they are more likely than not to pick the familiar one because it is more comfortable.

Plan social media posts ahead of time

Believe it or not, details as small as what time you post on social media can affect the popularity of your page. It can become difficult to remember when and what to post while managing profiles on multiple sites. It is best to plan this out ahead of time to keep organised and to make sure you don’t go dark on your followers.

As you are building your brand strategy, you should also be aware that posts with images or videos are much more likely to gain attention. We know personally that words get scrolled past, while multimedia draws you in. Make images or recordings ahead of time that match up with the tone of your business to help reinforce recognition of your brand.

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Interact with your followers and community

Responding to tagged posts, or even just posting in a personable tone, will help you build a good reputation and strengthen your branding. Your followers will be shown the opposite of the typical corporate side, proving they care about their customers. Building relationships instils the trust a customer needs in a company to buy their products or services.

Sharing inside information, telling real life stories, or responding to posts with humour are also small steps that help the popularity of a business. It can give the consumer insight on how the company runs and provides a common ground they might be able to relate to.

Branding in Brisbane – Get Help from the Pros

Creating and running a business can leave you with little time to worry about social media marketing. Here at Soak, we clear some of your plate and take on the responsibility of handling your digital marketing for you.

If you need help with branding in Brisbane, we will analyse your business and come up with a customised local marketing strategy that you can learn to maintain. Not believing in templates has allowed us to gain a major understanding of how company-specific plans are necessary to brand success.

Get in touch with the team at Soak Creative to learn more about how we can take your brand to the next level!

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