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After all the hard work and dedication that goes into building your brand, you don’t want to see your original ideas being used by someone else.

The law does not require you to trademark your business, but it is an important protection for your business that gives you security and peace of mind over your company’s name and brand, logos and brand identity, and your brand positioning and taglines. Luckily, SOAK is here to help.

Trademarking Your Brand

Your Business

Trademarking your brand secures the name, logo, and slogans from being copied. Once you have your brand registered as a trademark, you can sue for infringement against anyone who is unauthorised to use your creative property.

It also deters other companies from using a similar name or logo. When you trademark something, you can put the restricted symbol next to your intellectual property. When others see this, they are less likely to take your ideas. This means you will stand out among competitors, and it will reduce the risk of confusing consumers with too many similar brands on the market.

SOAK helps with the trademarking of your brand to protect it for the long term. With our team of specialists on your side, you won’t ever have to worry about your brand not being yours.

You built it, you own it. We protect it.

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Keep a close guard on what is rightfully yours. Protect your brand and push forward with the knowledge that you have all your bases covered with SOAK at your side.

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