About SOAK Creative

Branding, Marketing, Thinking with a Difference

SOAK Creative takes a strategy-first approach to branding and marketing for businesses across Australia. Based in Brisbane, our team of experienced professionals know what it takes to deliver exciting brands that stick in the minds of the people who matter.

We create innovative brands by always choosing the courageous, enthusiastic, and gutsy approach. We aren’t afraid to give you the brutal truth, but only because we give a sh*t about what’s best for your brand.

What does your brand stand for? What does it mean to you and your audience? Is it okay as is, broken, or a little out of shape? What should it be, where do you want it to go, and why?

We believe that arriving at your brand strategy comes first, before investing time and money doing anything creative.

That’s how we think and work at SOAK.

We are a different kind of brand and marketing agency. One that businesses can trust to help them stand out from the crowd.

SOAK has a proven track record for delivering creative strategies, amazing brands, and marketing campaigns that deliver results. With our diverse client base throughout Australia, we know how to grow our clients’ businesses.

Why Soak?


We’re open and honest. We take you through the steps to simplify and explain the detail.

Exceeding Expectations

It’s no use starting a relationship without proper follow through; we devote time into our clients and expect the same in return. We maintain, strategic alliances with content creators, public relations professionals, event managers and marketing specialists to deliver a full service offering from start to finish.


We’re creative, passionate, boldly ambitious thinkers, and above all, a team. We work as one, with one goal and one strategy to achieve that goal.


As creative thinkers we grow with our client, stakeholder and/or marketing teams understanding what’s most important (front line revenue)


We work closely with our clients to get the best outcome. You know your business; we’re here to communicate to the outside world why you’re so awesome!


We’re constantly in touch – with questions, progress, challenges & results. You’ll hear from us so often that you’ll start screening our calls! Seriously though, we’ll keep you up to date with everything you need to know.


We understand who our clients are. Whether they be small business owners or and entire marketing department, you all have a job to share and your success means our success. That is key and is most important to us.


We maintain strategic alliances with content creators, public relations professionals, event managers and marketing specialists to deliver a full service offering from start to finish.

We’re a full-service agency,
but not as you know it.

We’re a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and creators.
We’re serious about delivering great outcomes in a quirky, collaborative and relaxed studio culture.

Robert Kille
Rhian Kille
Simon Tribe

Some of the clients we’ve helped succeed

We’ve been fortunate to work with local, national, and international brands across all industries.

We’ve helped them build their brands and define their messaging, create marketing and advertising collateral, launched online campaigns to sell their products and services, and helped their brands connect and engage with their audience.

Runge Pincock Minarco
Aurora Assets Management Group
Endeavour College of Natural Health
Queens Wharf Brisbane
Tennis Australia
Hutchinson Builders
Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
Aria Property Group
Star Entertainment Group
Shine Lawyers
Study Group
Toll Group
St Paul’s School
Consolidated Properties
Iona College

How we do it.

Soak Creative Design Approach