Brand Visual Identity

Stand out for what makes you unique

Your brand’s visual identity is likely going to be the first thing that stands out to your audience. Your visual branding captures the essence of your business in a tangible form – one that people can connect with and relate to. A strong visual identity will only strengthen this connection, and at SOAK, we make it our mission to ensure the look of your brand is nothing short of exceptional.

When designing the look of your brand with SOAK, you will get results that exceed your expectations. Our process is detailed and thorough, ensuring we don’t cut any corners on our journey towards creating custom design elements that you can be proud of.

It takes an expert eye to bring together all of your design elements into a cohesive package that accurately reflects your business’ purpose and values while also resonating with your audience. At SOAK, we are confident in our ability to deliver bold and innovative brand designs to each and every one of our clients.

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Every design element,
created with care

Visual brand identity encompasses a range of elements. It’s your logo, colour scheme, and photography. But it’s also the emotions that those designs elicit in your audience, and how it all comes together to form an ecosystem that people want to be a part of.

Our team understands that exceptional visual design takes time and care. We don’t rush things out the door or take the easy route to finishing a job. We meticulously pour over every facet of your brand strategy to inform your brand’s visual identity.

Through your visual elements, we reflect your brand’s characteristics, personality, and purpose. No matter what type of design element you would like for your business, know that SOAK is able to deliver.

Finding Your Brand Visual Identity with Soak

At SOAK, we give a sh*t about your brand’s visual identity. Our Brisbane-based team of design experts are curious thinkers who love nothing more than to work with a business towards a visual identity that clicks for them and their audience.

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