Brand Agency Brisbane

Smart, creative, & memorable branding.

To help your business stick in the minds of the people who matter, branding is everything.

Branding is about identifying what makes your business unique, and using that to create a forward-facing identity that people can instantly recognise. It combines several different elements – visual identity, tone of voice, naming  – and uses them to create a cohesive and engaging brand that stands out from the crowd.

At SOAK, we are experts at helping Australian businesses find and develop a brand that they can be proud of. Whether you want us to build off the work you have already done, or start from scratch, our strategy-first approach to branding is designed to get you results.

More than just a pretty logo, we build brands that attract your ideal customers, increase your business growth, drive customer engagement, and brings your business to life.

Our Branding Services

Define what makes Your Business Stand Out.

Find a name that helps your brand stand out.

Establish a visual identity for your brand that leaves an impression on your audience.

Enjoy a fresh start by rebuilding your brand to a new, exciting place that you can be proud of.

Have all of your bases covered and lock down what is rightfully yours with our full range of brand protection services.

Create a brand story worth remembering and establishing a tone of voice that speaks directly to your audience.

Give your brand a new lease on life by taking it in a bold, new direction that better aligns with your current brand identity.

Develop and execute a brand launch that’s right for your business, whether that is landing with a splash or a gradual rollout.

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