Brand Refresh

Out with the Old,
In with the Bold

If you feel like your brand is no longer resonating the way it should, then it may be time to freshen things up a little bit. A brand refresh gives you the opportunity to pave a new path for your brand. With the help of SOAK, you can re-evaluate the purpose and identity of your brand, and come up with new and exciting ways to give it the boost it needs.

A brand refresh is your chance to put a new spin on your brand’s visual identity, values, and overall messaging to better connect with your target audience.

Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity
Bright Ice - Manufacturing brand strategy and design
Landscape Design Institute - Brand Strategy and Design
Shine Lawyers Claimfy Legal brand strategy and and design

Designed to Succeed

SOAK’s team of designers are capable of creating visually captivating material across a range of mediums. We establish a design strategy to inform our work moving forward to guarantee consistency and purpose in everything we do. From finding the right typography that stands out to designing instantly-recognisable templates, our branding material will reflect your business’ identity and values to a tee.

Brand and identity design is far reaching and covers a range of mediums. Luckily, we can design for any of them, including:

Print material



Social media posts

Website content

Email content

And more!

The branding design work from our team will position your business in a place of strength. Our branding not only looks incredible, but will align with your business goals and directly targets the people who matter the most.

Contact us to review your brand and identity.

Our team of designers are curious thinkers who never settle for “just good enough”. Instead, their design work for your brand and identity is relevant, engaging, and adds significant value to your marketing plan.

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