Graphic Design Agency Brisbane

A creative graphic design for your business
to make your brand look good and get noticed.

Is the DL dead? Do brochures matter anymore? Will anybody read the event booklet?
Yes, yes and yes.

Creative communication still has a place in a digitally dependent society – we may be jacked in generally, but most of us still like the feel of something physical in our hands.

Soak Creative stand by the second word in our name – we create. Our experienced graphic design team will deliver targeted collateral at every stage. Brand books, prospectus, event booklets, brochures and more, we will deliver clear and compelling executions, on message, on time, where and when you need it.

Graphic Design

Direct Marketing

We don’t underestimate the benefits of direct marketing. The world hasn’t moved on from print. You know your audience, you have their details, you know their habits and their pain points – the next step is obvious. Our communications team develop interesting collateral pieces, including fliers, brochures, booklets, guide books and more.

We’re fast… faster than any other agency in Brisbane. But speed doesn’t override quality – Soak understands the importance of on-point messaging, textual positioning and strategic layouts. We’re communication experts. And we’re waiting for your brief.

Brand Books

You’ve established your business and defined your brand. We know the feeling. It’s exciting, unifying and inspiring…to you. It’s time to let others know. Employees or soon-to-be hires, investors, shareholders, browsers and curious parties… they want to live your brand, breathe it in and believe in it.  They want to work smarter, backed up by accurate information and document guidance – they want to get it right. And we want to help them.

Soak will help you articulate your story, statement and essence without neglecting the stylistic segments of your presence. Simple communication, backed up by real world experience.

Our Specialties

Brand Books

Annual Reports

Sustainability Reports

Course Prospectus


Direct Marketing

Event Collateral

Informational Booklets

Internal Communications