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Take a bold step and establish a unique position for your business in the market with SOAK’s brand story and tone of voice services.

Our effective positioning strategies ensure your brand is creating the perception you want it to convey.

Once we have established what this perception is, we can weave together a brand story and tone of voice in your marketing material that will immediately stand out to your target audience.

Herron Coorey - Construction Brand Strategy and Design
Herron Coorey - Construction Brand Strategy and Design

Brand Story

You know what makes your business special and unique within your market. Now it’s time to show it off to the world. Your brand story is the narrative that encompasses the facts and emotions created by your brand. When you are playing to your strengths in your marketing and shining a spotlight on what makes your business stand out, then you have created an effective brand story.

After all, the stories we remember are the ones that do things a bit differently. Stories that play it too safe are quickly going to be forgotten. Stories that take risks and innovate are the ones that stand the test of time.

At SOAK, we implement our strategy-first approach to create a brand story for your business that isn’t afraid to try new things. We take calculated risks because we believe in our ability to showcase your brand to the world.

Tone of Voice

Our Tone of Voice (ToV) services give your brand the voice it needs to connect with your target audience. We create detailed ToV guidelines that help direct the style of language (or ‘tone’) your marketing materials should be written in. This is an indispensable resource for your marketing, copywriting and content creation team, as it ensures that all of your communication touchpoints are consistent and on-brand – no matter who is writing the copy.

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Set your brand apart from the competition and cut through the noise with SOAK’s brand story and tone of voice services.

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