St Joseph’s College is one of the leading secondary schools in the Toowoomba region. St Joseph’s College engaged us to revitalise and elevate their brand and positioning in the market. With a website that was outdated and difficult to navigate, St Joseph’s College’s online presence was failing to generate growth for the college. As part of their digital marketing strategy, they needed a website that would function as an effective marketing and communications tool to attract new parents and students, while also engaging and serving their existing community. They needed help from web rebranding experts, so they contacted Soak.


A brand new website was crucial in their new brand strategy. We wanted their online presence to grow and our aim was to create a brand awareness which reflected the college as being a trustworthy, exemplary and leading educational institution.

We achieved this through a dynamic user interface; we made the site powerful enough to display rich media such as videos and image galleries for a more engaging user experience. We designed their messaging to simultaneously engage two audiences: the prospective parents searching for a school for their child and the existing parents of Saint Joseph students.

To help generate more ‘expressions of interest’, we reconfigured the website for optimal search engine ranking. We didn’t want to just retain the college’s current organic Google ranking, but to far outstrip both their previous position and that of St Joseph’s College’s competitors.


After implementing our innovative strategy, St. Joseph’s College saw unprecedented levels of growth to their online levels of engagement both on their website and across social media platforms. The feedback received from staff and parents alike, was resoundingly positive.

The number of ‘expressions of interest’ has largely increased and market research shows that the level of brand awareness within their community has been vastly expanded. As a direct result of Soak’s website design, St. Joseph’s College have also gained and maintained much higher search engine ranking.

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