2020 Logo Design Trends

It’s a known fact that the world of design is ever-changing. While we are proud to be an agency that plays by our own design rules, it’s great to stay up-to-date what’s new or trending.

In 2019, we posted an article on the latest logo design trends. Now, a year later, the official 2020 Logo Trends Report has just been released. The report is by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge.

The report includes an analysis of over 350,000 logos, so Gardner and his team know what’s hot and what’s not. We have created a summary of the emerging design trends for 2020. 

List of the 2020 Logo Trends

    1. Counters
    2. Mazes
    3. Sisters
    4. Chex Melt
    5. Bevel Tips
    6. Petri-Dish
    7. Variable Type
    8. Black Letter
    9. iDrops
    10. HandOut
    11. Bolts
    12. Twinkle
    13. Cornered
    14. Letter Illusions
    15. Chiseled Shadows

Click here to read the full report.


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