Why colour psychology could be your brand’s secret weapon

Why colour psychology could be your brand’s secret weapon

So you want to build your brand. Great! You’re not alone though. Businesses of all shapes and sizes want their brand to be the best.

Often CEO’s and Directors will want to see a logo first if they want a new brand for their business. They’ll want to know about the shape, what it represents, and what kind of tagline can be used with it.

The reason for this is that colour psychology is incredibly important if you want your brand to stand out and attract your ideal customers.

Surprisingly though, the question that we (as a brand agency) think is possibly the most important is almost never asked: what colours would you recommend?

White papers: the ultimate marketing material

RIOT Solutions - Technology Brand Strategy and Brand Design

Nothing says your company knows its stuff more than a white paper. If your company releases a white paper on a certain topic, you’re basically saying: “When it comes to subject x, no one knows more than me.”

Unwrapping the History of Cadbury Branding

The history of Cadbury Branding

A quick stroll down the aisle of any Australian supermarket and you are faced with a wall of purple – belonging to the iconic confectionery brand, Cadbury. Let’s step through the history and evolution of Cadbury’s branding.

Unboxing: The Art of Product Packaging

Unboxing: The Art of Product Packaging

Product packaging is often seen solely as a means to get a product safely and undamaged from the factory to the shelf, but it’s far more important than that.

2020 Logo Design Trends


It’s a known fact that the world of design is ever-changing. While we are proud to be an agency that plays by our own design rules, it’s great to stay up-to-date what’s new or trending.

2019 Logo Design Trends

2019 logo trends

The logo design industry is always evolving, and while Soak design team don’t like to design based on trends, it’s always great to see what’s in vogue.