3 Clever Tips to Generate Quality Leads Through Social Media Content

Your content creation social media strategy should be unique enough to generate only the strongest leads – let’s discover 3 ways to make sure it is.

Beyond the fact that the right social media content can be incredible when it comes to driving awareness to your brand, the right social media strategy can actually help your business achieve high amounts of success in lead generation.

Digital marketers who work around content creation constantly stress just how important social media is for marketing a business, but let’s face it, it can sometimes feel like we’re all just going through the motions of posting and receiving likes and comments.

It makes us beg the question, what is a strong social media strategy if the content creation doesn’t make room for lead generation?

Nowadays, most marketers are becoming increasingly distracted by the bells and whistles that come with social media content. They focus on things like building a following and driving interaction, just for the sake of it. However, we at Soak know that the wrong aspects of social media content for businesses are mostly exaggerated, and that all you really need are 3 clever tips to get the ball rolling.

In this article, we’re going to dive a little deeper into the 3 top tips that will help you generate stronger leads and hopefully help your marketing goals.

Let’s get started.

Tip #1 – Utilise the Call to Action in Every Single Post

Call to actions give you the opportunity to motivate your audience, it’s what allows your social media following to take real steps towards becoming a customer or a client of your business. Ultimately, call to actions are there to entice your customers to take action after reading your social media content.

Many argue that a call to action is one of the most important parts of lead generation on many platforms. It’s becoming more and more known that skipping the CTA can be a grave mistake, and it definitely isn’t something that will bode well for your social media strategy.

All you have to do is follow a simple procedure – give your audience an opportunity to engage with your brand.

This can be done by creating effective call to actions like “follow up with one of our experts today’’ or “click on our website link to find out more’’. You can also encourage a conversation in the comments section by introducing the suggestion of “we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below” in your post.

A call to action is the finishing touch that any stellar piece of content needs. It’s the cherry on top that every single one of your followers wants; whether they know it or not. The right call to action placed at the perfect moment can push your lead in the right direction, sealing the conversion, and creating a loyal customer.

Don’t think twice about working with a social media company for further assistance, they will definitely be able to help in creating compelling and effective content that converts.

Tip #2 – Attract through Beautiful Social Media Content that Tells a Story

Freytag’s pyramid is a powerful storytelling framework that has been used in a wide variety of creative works from Aesop’s Fables to Shakespeare plays – but it’s also widely used in social media strategies around the world.

The pyramid structure splits the story into five narrative arcs. It means to invoke various emotional reactions from any audience. The five arcs include:

  • The inciting moment,
  • The complication or rising action
  • The climax
  • The reversal or falling action
  • And finally, the moment of release.

In your social media content strategy, storytelling can be a beautiful way to close important leads. And Freytag’s pyramid is a powerful technique that will help you to create an emotional connection with your following as it catches the attention of your audience right away and provides them with an incredibly immersive experience.

Bear in mind that when you decide to share stories, ensure that you stay away from long and complicated ones as this will only turn your followers away. Fast, easy-to-digest content is key. Make sure you implement the Freytag pyramid in a simple and straightforward way that stays relevant to your brand and target audience and ensure that you design it in a way that catches the eye of a scroller.

Tip #3 – Q&A’s on Facebook or Instagram Live: The Golden Key

Every single business that’s active within the online world has its own set of marketing goals, and social media platforms always have features that a marketer is able to take advantage of.

One that is incredibly popular is Facebook and Instagram’s live streaming option. When your business does this, it opens up doors for your brand to interact with your audience much more effectively.

Followers can ask questions that you can answer in real-time, and you can even save a copy of the live stream and recycle it into individual posts – providing you with a steady stream of valuable content available whenever you need to engage an audience.

The Takeaway

Let’s face it, we know that anybody can come up with content creation for a social media strategy. However, real online success requires commitment. The overall goal of social media content lies in lead generation – businesses want to convert their followers into loyal customers.

Take what you learned in this guide and apply it. Feel free to even reach out to our experts here at Soak for any help you need. We can assure you that with the right technique and collaboration, you’ll be able to ensure your content is appealing and ready to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Talk to us today if you’re interested in finding out how Soak can help bring life to your content creation, social media strategy, and allow you to thrive in lead generation.

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