Tips for a Successful Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn 2024

Who would have thought back in 2012, that LinkedIn would be the platform it is today? It certainly ranks amongst the most useful social media platforms for job seekers and prospective employers alike. But they aren’t the only people who can benefit from this practical resource. Creating a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn is key to utilising the platform to its full potential.

In recent years, advertisers have begun to take advantage of LinkedIn’s platform as a marketing tool. LinkedIn might not be the first thought in marketers’ minds when it comes to digital advertising, however, the platform packs a punch in terms of engaging audiences. Don’t just take our word for it. There are hundreds of successful LinkedIn campaign case studies that prove that the platform is a top performer.

So, how exactly does LinkedIn marketing work? How are businesses and corporations using this platform to drive engagement with their products and services? How can you develop a LinkedIn marketing campaign that’s successful? Can you really compete in the world of LinkedIn advertising?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that helps users progress towards their career goals. Unlike social media giants Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn focuses on B2B networking and professional development. However, it’s also extremely useful for employment opportunities. Users can fill out their profile with work history, education credentials and skills, along with their resume, in order to be ‘found’ by potential employers. Businesses can also post information about jobs to attract and screen potential applicants. 

How does LinkedIn function as an advertising platform?

This already successful social media platform has found a new way to generate revenue and help other businesses drive engagement for their products and services. Keeping in line with the current trends for digital marketing, LinkedIn has begun offering space to run native video ads to prospective advertisers. These short, attention-grabbing videos will play within the user’s feed so they come across the ads whilst online. This strategy is a fantastic way to get the word out about your company’s offerings. The platform has plenty of data to back up the effectiveness of video ads. For example, users are three times more likely to engage with a video than a static image, so this is definitely something you should add to the marketing mix!

Do LinkedIn ads really work?

If you need to know whether running video advertisements on this platform really gets results, look no further than some of their top advertisers. Many successful companies, such as Airbnb, Apple, and Grammarly, have launched noteworthy LinkedIn ad campaigns in recent years. Their sales speak for themselves, and these marketing teams wouldn’t waste their time with a campaign that wasn’t driving engagement.

What is the target demographic for LinkedIn marketing campaigns?

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, which naturally attracts working professionals who have a significant interest in products or services relevant to their lifestyle. For example:

  • Airbnb obtain a lot of business from professionals who need to travel often for work.
  • Apple offers high-tech products that can revolutionise an office or workplace.
  • Grammarly is a tool used every day by professional writers to enhance their copy, assist with tone-of-voice and correct grammatical and spelling errors.

For more information on finding your audience, read How to Define Your Target Market For Your Business 

How can you develop a LinkedIn ad campaign that gets real results?

Before you jump onto LinkedIn and set up your first ad campaign, here are our top 5 insider tips to make your LinkedIn marketing campaign a success:

1) Quality content is king

As a professional, you’re not likely to take an ad seriously if it doesn’t look like it’s been well executed. If the camera quality isn’t up to par, the sound isn’t clear enough, or the location of the content looks unprofessional, it can reflect badly on your business and drive customers away. Investing in high-quality video recording equipment such as cameras, lights and microphones will go a long way in producing a high quality ad and attracting new customers. If you’re unfamiliar with film and video production basics, you might consider outsourcing this task to a professional company that can help you execute it.

2) Short and sweet is key

From a customer’s perspective, nobody wants to sit and watch an obnoxiously long ad. This is especially true for working professionals, who may be time-poor. The platform itself recommends keeping the runtime of your video ad under 15 seconds, though 30 seconds may be more appropriate if the goal of your ad is to create brand awareness. Make sure the most crucial information gets through to the viewer as quickly as possible. Don’t waste their time with any added fluff.

3) Make sure your ad is attention-grabbing

Let’s be real. No one enjoys watching ads when they’re just trying to go about their everyday life. For an ad to be effective, it must be engaging enough that the viewer is willing to pay attention. According to the platform’s data, the first 10 seconds of a video ad are the most critical for securing engagement. This is where you want to put all the most important information so that the viewer can learn about your brand and your offerings before they get bored and look away. Focus on hooking your audience with a strong brand message in the first three seconds.

4) Videos should be visually driven

People engage with social media when they feel like it and in most cases, won’t have the sound turned on either. The hours you spend choosing music and mixing audio might go to waste. Also keep in mind that some of your audience may be hearing-impaired and won’t get the necessary information about your brand through audio alone. It’s important that your video ads are accessible to all viewers and listeners. Luckily, this is relatively simple to do. Ensure there are accurate closed captions for every word spoken in the video and that their placement on the screen is not disruptive. Alternatively, you can rely on more on-screen text, rather than audible information.

5) Include a strong call to action

Once you’ve hooked the reader, your job isn’t done. Deliver a strong call to action to help encourage a conversion. A CTA is the part of your ad where you give the viewer direct instructions to engage with the product or service. It’s a compelling way to get real results from your marketing campaign. Be sure to include a line telling the viewer to call in, sign up, or whatever they need to do in taking the next step towards engaging with your business.

Get started with your successful LinkedIn marketing campaign!

So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking of ideas for your campaign and dive into the wide world of LinkedIn marketing today! If you’re nervous about how you can make the campaign a success, get in touch with our team. We can assist you with developing digital marketing campaigns that can help people give a s#!t about your brand.

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