The state of influencer marketing

The next step in celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing, has entirely transformed the way brands can connect with their audiences.

Trends shaping the future of marketing for brands

Shaping the future of marketing

The landscape of marketing is in a constant state of evolution, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer behaviour, and cultural shifts. As we look into the not-so-distant future, several key trends are poised to reshape the future of marketing, with AI, short-form video platforms like TikTok, and mobile devices for younger generations at the forefront. Without knowing precisely what’s next, we’ll address some of the hot topics in marketing, and how these might shape future trends in the industry.

Choosing the perfect creative marketing agency

Choosing a creative agency

Finding a creative marketing agency that pushes your business to achieve its best, and yet complements your approach to business is a difficult process.
It’s a pivotal decision since choosing the right agency can help to launch or relaunch your brand, hopefully leading to substantial growth. While the wrong one can result in wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Demystifying PPC Advertising

Demystifying PPC Digital Advertising

PPC is a dynamic digital marketing strategy that offers highly trackable data, allowing businesses to assess and pivot their campaign

6 trends that will shape advertising and marketing in 2024

Marketing Predictions

Famous Danish cartoonist Robert Petersen once said: “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” But where’s the fun in that? Some of the best fun a marketer can have is to peek behind the curtain and see what trends might shape the future. So, we decided to do just that – here are […]

A Simple Guide to SEO

A Simple Guide to SEO

Read our simplified guide to SEO to learn more about how you can positively impact your online visibility and success.

Tips for a Successful Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn 2024

Tips for a Successful Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn

Who would have thought back in 2012, that LinkedIn would be the platform it is today? It certainly ranks amongst the most useful social media platforms for job seekers and prospective employers alike. But they aren’t the only people who can benefit from this practical resource. Creating a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn is key to utilising the platform to its full potential.

The Battle Between SEO And SEM

The Battle Between SEO And SEM

Weighing up the pros and cons of SEO and SEM to determine a clear winner for your brand, can be tough. We’re breaking it down for you.

Earned, Owned and Paid Media – What’s the Difference?

Earned, Owned and Paid Media - What’s the Difference

Each type of media plays its own part in the larger media strategy for your brand, ensuring a versatile and malleable means of engaging your audience, maximising lead generation. A flexible strategy that is frequently reviewed will make for an adaptable brand when online trends can be difficult to predict.

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing

Although the key concepts behind SMS marketing and email marketing are surprisingly similar, it doesn’t mean that either has a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Like most things in business, the end goal of almost every digital marketing strategy is to make more than you spend. Even with the most modest of budgets, effective digital […]