The St Paul’s School Entrepreneurs Club is the first of its kind in Australia

Soak Creative assisted their client, St Pauls School in the launch of an innovated program, The Entrepreneurs Club which emphasises digital technologies.

Soak Creative assisted their client St Pauls School in the launch of an innovated club in partnership with River City Labs

The team at Soak Creative, being heavy advocates of start-up companies and who also started at River City Labs was lucky enough to go along to the launch kicked off by Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy. The Entrepreneurs Club aims to educate their members on the importance of entrepreneurial thinking and positioning new age tech companies. The club also provides an opportunity for students, staff and parents to grow their own business and pitch their ideas to investors.

Through their key steps of Ideas, Planning, Strategy, Realisation and Launch the club strives to educate the members on the necessary steps in creating a start-up business, focusing on implementation and planning as key to any successful idea.

The St Paul’s Entrepreneurs Club was launched by Federal Assistant Minister for Innovation, Wyatt Roy who discussed the advancements in today’s digital society and the importance of schools educating their students on mobile skill sets for future careers. He explains that the purpose of the entrepreneurs club is to “give students the opportunity to gain the skill sets that is needed to seize really exciting job opportunities or to create their own businesses” (Roy 2016).

The Entrepreneurs Club will run for 16 weeks with participants undertaking fortnightly seminars facilitated by Mrs Jones who has extensive experience in starting and running successful businesses. Head of St Pauls Learning, Mrs Smith will also co-facilitate. The members will work alongside one another to create an idea, pitch their idea, develop it through the medium of face to face team workshops. They will also receive mentorship from entrepreneur coaches who will help develop their ideas and identity blindspots.

Being able to adapt and harness these technologies has been a constant struggle in this day and age with technologies progressing at such a rapid rate. It is crucial to start-up companies survival that they plan how they will implement themselves within the digital sphere and engage in new technologies as much as possible. It is easy to be left behind when advancements are racing forward, being open to new technologies and platforms to create these ideas is the foundation that the Entrepreneurs Club will strive to implement.

Wyatt emphasised the importance in seising these new technologies by suggesting that,“we need to have foundations in developing a particular set of skills. Skills in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and digital technology and for me the big one, entrepreneurial skill sets…”

He goes on to state that, “Harbouring with organisations, river city labs is a great example that will help to put the next generation in places like this” (Roy, 2016).

For young Australians up to 60% of their jobs do not yet exist due to technology advancements within todays digital society, thus educating students, parents and teachers on mobile digital technologies is paramount to their success in the workforce.

Soak Creative is a big advocate of the St Paul’s Entrepreneurs Club being a start up company stemmed from River City Labs themselves and looks forward to hearing what the team comes up with over the next couple of months!

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