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Iona College - School Branding and Marketing

Project Overview

How we built the online brand for a catholic education school.

Iona College had just completed a new and strategic plan for their institution which focused on a holistic approach to education. The problem was that their brand and website no longer reflected the innovative path which they were on. Their website was over-saturated with purely acadmic content. In turn, their engagement rates were very low.


Iona College - School Branding and Marketing


At SOAK, we took a “content zero” approach which meant that viewers of their website were only presented with key details of information. Where content-heavy information was required, we tidied the text into a Wiki-type microsite.

We also created a comprehensive ‘Events‘ system where users could find ‘What’s On’ content. To make the process even more simple, we added filter options to the page, ensuring that users were only seeing content relevant to their search. What’s more, we created a separate microsite which focused on the exciting content coming from Iona College’s extensive range of sports teams and societies.

Also, in order to create a focus on advertising initiatives for new students and open days, a new Enrolments microsite was established


At SOAK, we transformed an uninteresting, text-heavy website into an inspiring community space. In comparison with the usual websites within the educational space, this truly is a breath of fresh air.

Feedback from parents, teachers and students was overwhelmingly positive and there was a drastic increase in users. With shareable events across all social media platforms, engagement grew exponentially.

The new enrolments microsite meant that pressure was massively alleviated for both new students and administration staff.

Iona College - School Branding and Marketing
Iona College - School Branding and Marketing

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