Brand Strategy & Brand Design

More than just a pretty logo, we build brands that
attract your ideal customers, increase your business growth, drive customer engagement,
and brings your business to life.

Consider your brand for a moment. Does it…

Increase awareness of your business to attract your ideal customers?
Convey your business culture positively?
Deliver a customer experience that is consistent across all touchpoint?
Drive business growth?

Who are you beyond the font? Behind the logo?
Outside the lines of your industry? Why does your business exist?
It’s time to think bigger. Bolder. Braver.

Soak are here to help you explore the possibilities with our range of strategic branding services.

View our branding process.

Visual Branding

No matter where you are or what you do, a cohesive visual position is essential to taking your success story one step further. Our team of local brand specialists will create an expansive visual language to reach your public digitally and offline, communicating the core values that represent your company DNA – you’re more than your slogan.

Become a brand worth backing. Invest in an immersive visual experience your employees can get behind and your public can stand by.

Board room with logo

Internal Branding

What is your value? Your difference? Your purpose? Your reason for last minute coffees and meandering meetings? Are your people invested? Are they motivated? Inspired? Excited? Do they believe in what they do or are they driven by their bank balance?

There’s more to branding than out there… it starts inside. Inside offices, inside cubicles, inside their hearts and within the minds. We make believers out of everybody with our people-focused internal branding solutions.

Digital Branding

Everything is bolder online. New is old. Original is dead, and the digital domain demands brand agility and social mobility, putting pressure on business owners like you to articulate a sophisticated yet friendly brand experience in idea-bending ways. We’re up to the task.

With Soak, you’re not a driver, you’re a leader. You’re not pushing the pack, you are the pack, defining benchmarks and re-inventing originality… it can be done if we work together. Be an attention seeker.

Our Specialties

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