Top 4 Places to Look for Content Inspiration

Social media has become an more important tool for connection. Here are 4 places you should be looking for content inspiration.

With social distancing top of mind, more and more of our every day and work lives have shifted online. And since COVID-19, we are spending more time on the social platforms that we’re already addicted to (Obviously).

Facebook reported a 70% increase in time spent across Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, while messaging alone was up by more than 50%.

During this time, social media has become an even more important tool for connection. People are online and they eager to hear from the brands they trust. But it’s not always easy to come up with great content, particularly if you are time-poor, under pressure or experiencing a lack of inspiration.

In 2018, we gave insight into our top 5 tips for inspiring content ideasNow, in 2020, we are giving you more insight into inspiring content ideas. Here are the 4 places you should be looking for inspiration.

1. Staff

Why look any further? Your staff may be the perfect resource for inspiring new content! They live and breathe your brand, are up to date with the latest industry news, and are highly accessible. 

Consider asking your staff:

    • What feedback they hear consistently.
    • Which trends they foresee.
    • What they believe to be the best features and benefits of your company. 
    • Why they love working for the company.

By listening to your staff, you may discover something new about your company or your customer’s needs. This information can be addressed in new content.

2. Customers

Great ideas for digital marketing content can be generated by focusing on your customer’s needs and wants, so don’t lose sight of them or what they want to know about your brand. 

Your focus should be on creating content that’s not just about your products or services, but on your customer’s queries and challenges and how you can go about alleviating them.

The ‘Question’ sticker on Instagram stories is a great tool for asking your audience questions in an interactive way. If you discover people are asking the same question over and over, light bulbs should appear. These questions can be used for FAQ’s, blog inspiration or social media content.



3. Online Listening Tools

Being in the know about the latest news, trends and even memes can help inspire content that’s engaging and relevant to your current audience. It can also help lend credibility to the quality of your service.

Here are the best online listening tools that can help you stay updated:

    1. Twitter – Follow the latest news and industry trends with Twitter hashtags.
    2. Google Trends – Learn interesting insights into the most popular current topics. 
    3. Know your meme – Marketing with memes are a fun way to create engaging content that attracts a following. Use websites like Memedriod or Know you Meme to find trending memes that you can curate or meme-ify content for your brand. 



4. Competitors

It is important to keep an eye on what your competitors are saying or doing.

Are they answering questions that you aren’t? Are they promoting the benefits of their services in ways that you aren’t?

Figuring out why your competitors’ content speaks to you can help you create or alter your content to have the same engaging tone. 

No matter where you draw your content inspiration, or what industry you represent, your two highest priorities with your content strategy should be building new customer relationships while strengthening existing ones. 

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