The state of influencer marketing

The next step in celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing, has entirely transformed the way brands can connect with their audiences.

How to boost brand engagement through visual storytelling

Visual Storytelling for Brands

Competing for customers’ attention is a full-time job. Our brains are inundated with messages from the moment we look at our phones after snoozing our alarms, to when we set those alarms again in the evening. ‘Cut-through’ is at this point an overused term but is more important now than ever. Since we, humans, are largely a visually stimulated species, creating eye-catching material that stands out from the competition is vital.

Brand, content and socials – what comes first?


The to-do list associated with first starting your business is massive. It’s overwhelming. You fully understand the weight of marketing it effectively; you know you need to create social media accounts for your business, you know you need content for those accounts and other platforms, and you know you need a means of turning your business into a brand. Having a structured and comprehensive strategy for each is essential to creating consistent communications for your business, but which comes first?

3 ways to leverage video content on LinkedIn

If you’re not using video content as part of your LinkedIn marketing, you should be. Video content marketing is incredibly successful compared to other forms of promotion on the networking site. However, we understand why you’d think otherwise. It’s because you’ve watched other people’s video content, and often it’s just so bad. Why would anyone […]

Content Pillars: Scaffolding for Effective Content

Scaffolding for Effective Content

If you’re building your brand from the ground up, you’ll need to consider the framework that will inform all of your content, ensuring its effectiveness and minimising wasted efforts. Content pillars are the core themes or topics around which a brand’s content strategy is centred, outlining areas of expertise, interest, or value that a brand […]

White papers: the ultimate marketing material

RIOT Solutions - Technology Brand Strategy and Brand Design

Nothing says your company knows its stuff more than a white paper. If your company releases a white paper on a certain topic, you’re basically saying: “When it comes to subject x, no one knows more than me.”

Content marketing tips to set your brand apart in 2024

Content Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand

With more businesses producing online content every day, it’s crucial to understand how your brand can stand out against the competition. Long gone are the days when any digital marketing strategie could set you apart from those who didn’t have a strategy at all.