3 ways to leverage video content on LinkedIn


If you’re not using video content as part of your LinkedIn marketing, you should be. Video content marketing is incredibly successful compared to other forms of promotion on the networking site.

However, we understand why you’d think otherwise. It’s because you’ve watched other people’s video content, and often it’s just so bad. Why would anyone bother sifting through to find content worth watching when there are so many poorly produced videos?

Don’t blame the strategy; blame the low effort and lack of forethought. People do watch, and you need to have your video content marketing well-prepared when they do. Here’s how to do it properly.

1. “Why am I watching?” – Provide an immediate reason

You’ve doubtless heard of how slow loading times on a web page dramatically increase the bounce rate. We’re talking about a matter of seconds. A similar rule can be applied to LinkedIn marketing videos. If your viewer doesn’t know why they’re watching your video within the first 10-15 seconds, they’ll keep scrolling.

The tried-and-tested strategy for achieving this is to present your user with a problem that they recognise. Think about what you’re advertising and why your service must exist. Design your opening statement around this.

If we stick with the example of web page loading times, you need to remind your audience in the first few seconds of your video that poor loading speeds are common and are hurting their business, costing them customers. Next, you need to offer them a teaser that you have a solution that is an improvement from other web design services they might have seen.

It’s not easy to present this information in a concise, engaging way. That’s why so many LinkedIn marketing videos are poorly done. People haven’t put the time and effort into distilling their offering and the problem it addresses into a quick, accessible opener.

You can also make an immediate impression with striking visual or audio effects. This might depend on your production budget, but an experienced video content editor can make a huge difference. If you make regular content, develop an opening statement or theme that your viewers will come to identify with you.

2. “Why do I care?” – Build a connection

Your video content should make your audience care about something. It doesn’t need to be a direct emotional investment in your brand, product, or service – but there should be something  to engage their emotions.

As the phrase goes, “make ‘em laugh, make ’em cry”. Full-on tears are probably more than a LinkedIn content marketing video will achieve, but the principle is sound. Viewers want humanity behind your brand, so take them to human places. Entertain them. Make them care.

This is another area where working with a good editor is beneficial. Part of what makes a good video content editor is the ability to identify opportunities for relevant humour or amusing effects when they work on your production. This makes your content marketing efforts far more engaging.

Of course, it’s essential to strike a tone that matches your offering. For example, appealing to your viewers’ emotions is probably more on-brand than a gag reel in the medical industry. Know your brand and design your videos around it.

3. “Whom can I speak to?” – Invite questions, offer answers

Most people who make boring videos hate being criticised. That’s partly why their videos miss the mark: they never listen when someone tells them it’s poor.

Invite comments on your videos. Ask questions of the day. Answer comments and invite further discussion. Then read your comments, especially those you don’t want to read. The ones that say critical things about how you kept looking away from the camera or how your jokes sounded forced. Say “thanks for your feedback” – surprise people by proving that you’re tough enough to take it.

Ignoring abuse is a given, but take every valid criticism on board. You never expected your business to succeed based on the approval of yes-men, and your videos won’t either. Show the videos to people outside of LinkedIn marketing, such as friends you can trust to provide constructive feedback.

Leveraging video content for LinkedIn marketing

Content marketing deserves part of your budget because of the opportunities it can bring. Treat your investment seriously, and you’ll see serious results. Work with good people, build, develop, and reassess. Put in the care and attention your audience deserves, and you will see engagement like never before.

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