5 Ways Brands Can Get Creative this Christmas Season

Get creative this holiday season with your brand. Connect with your customers, have fun and make it a Christmas worth remembering.

It’s that time of year again, pool parties are happening, zooper doopers are plentiful and the barbie is ready to go. That can only mean one thing – it’s almost Christmas!

For some business owners, this time can be daunting and stressful. But, if leveraged effectively the Christmas season presents a huge opportunity for businesses. With Aussies expected to spend an average of $1,325 per person, the time is now for brands to get creative.

It’s not too late for you to take advantage of the holiday season!

Here are 5 ways to promote your business, boost sales, foster customer loyalty, and get creative for your brand this Christmas.

1. Film a Christmas video!

Showcase the human-side of your brand with a festive video. Introduce your staff, give a tour of your business space, or highlight your awesome customers. We understand that filming a video is easier said than done, but with apps like Splice and Quik you can conveniently edit and export short videos from your phone. Get creative and have fun with it – show why your brand is awesome!

Check out this awesome office Christmas video:


2. Send a Christmas-themed thank you email

To express your appreciation for the support from your loyal customers, send a personalised Christmas-themed thank you email. Offer rewards, discounts or special access your products to make them feel special. Get creative with the email design and write an eye-catching subject line, programs like Paperless Post or Mailchimp makes this easy and manageable.

Here is some Christmas email inspiration:

Christmas Brand Emails

3. Update your business’ branding with some festive flair

Add a Christmas touch to your online and offline brand presence. Include red and green, or iconic elements such as a santa hat or reindeer. This tactic can be implemented to multiple brand touch-points including your website, email, profile and cover photos on social media, and any print media.

4. Have a Christmas contest

Brainstorm unique contest ideas that will generate engagement. Think bigger than just asking your customers to spend a certain amount of money. Use social media and ask your customers to submit photos or videos showcasing their Christmas spirit. Not only will this generate traction and keep your brand top-of-mind, it is also a great way to have fun with your customers!

Here is an example of a unique competition Starbucks hosts during Christmas.

Starbucks Christmas Brand promotion

5. Have a Christmas sale people will want to attend

This might be a ‘duh’ moment for most because almost every business will run a Christmas sale. To make sure your brand stands out, offer rewards that are worthwhile to your customers such as free shipping or a valuable discount code.

Get creative this holiday season! Connect with your customers, have fun and make it a Christmas worth remembering!

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