Step up your game with a Google Partner

A certified Google Partner is a quality guarantee. Learn how your digital campaign will receive the level of expertise only years of experience can deliver.

We’ve been excelling in Google Ads, Adwords and Analytics for some time, but now our ability to kick-AdWords-ass is certified. We are proud to announce that Soak Creative is now Google Partner with a fancy mew Partner Badge!


But let’s backtrack for a moment – we know what you might be thinking: what the heck is a Google Partner and why should I care?

1. Work with real, qualified experts

Our Google Partner Badge shows that we practice what we preach. We don’t just say we have the expertise, we ARE the experts. To qualify as Google Partners, we need to have experienced and trained employees overseeing your AdWords Account. A Google Partner Badge is a guarantee that your company’s marketing is in safe hands.

2. Unlock the next level of AdWords & Google Features

The number of features and settings that affect an AdWords campaign is intricate. A Certified Partner ensures that your campaign will use all of the features and settings available to make sure it runs smoothly and effectively.

The landscape of online marketing is constantly evolving, and the only constant is change. Your company needs to continuously adapt with this technological landscape, and access to new Google features will help you do so. Google Partners have access to Google’s Beta Feature. These features can give your company a head start against your competition.

As a Google Partner, Soak Creative can provide you the innovative edge your campaign requires to succeed.

3. Google Partner = Quality Customer Service

Google monitors each Google Partner account to determine if the clients are being cared for suitably. Regular reviews of our ‘Master Account’ ensure that we are meeting the quality of service standards set by Google. This means that Soak Creative will comprehensively care for your campaign in every step of the journey.

4. Gain Access to a Google Rep

Google Partners have access to Google reps, so that means you can get all of your burning questions answered more quickly than agencies without a Google Partner Badge.

Are you ready to step up your game a certified Google Partner?

Be bold and take your company to the next level with a certified Google Partner.

A Google Partner Badge is a quality guarantee. With Soak Creative, your company’s campaign will receive the level of expertise only years of experience can deliver.

Contact our AdWords experts today!

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