Are your social media hashtags #effective?


Hashtags have become a staple feature across all social media platforms but are you using them correctly?

Yes, it is possible to be using hashtags incorrectly. Slapping them in front of a few generic words is unlikely to boost your social media presence.

Hyper-popular tags such as #love, #business, or #entrepreneur may seem like a good idea, but in reality, your posts will get lost in the millions of others being simultaneously uploaded.

It may seem crazy but formulating hashtags is an art form. We’ve provided some tips to help you master it and unlock your business’s full potential!

1. Branded Hashtags

Create your own branded hashtag for your business! By using this hashtag on all your posts, it creates a centralised channel where your content is visible to users that may not follow you. Don’t overthink this step, keep it simple, memorable, and short. 

Fifth Avenue Lifestyle Instagram For our client, Fifth Avenue Lifestyle, we keep it simple yet effective with the #fifthavenuealbanycreek tag. We use it in every post that features their Albany Creek location, making it easy for users to see other relative content about this location. It also acts as a community hashtag where users are able to view or apply the tag to their own content.

2. Keep it Fresh

Make sure to have a variety of hashtags at your disposal. This gives your posts a chance to continuously reach different groups of people with like-minded interests. You can include up to 30 hashtags on any post… but that doesn’t mean you should.

Bobs Burger Social Media Instagram Profile
We advise against being this person. No one ever needs this many hashtags.

The general consensus is that anywhere up to 11 hashtags is acceptable but the most common number of tags is between 3 to 5.

3. Start Geohashtagging

Let people know exactly where you are by geohashtagging your content. If you are a locally based business, connecting with your local customers should be a priority. For example, if a cafe is in the heart of Brisbane City you may want to uses tags like #brisbanecoffee or #cafebrisbane, this gives you a chance to interact with potential customers who also use those tags.
Instagram Social Media Hashtag Examples

And if you really want to blow your competition out of the water? Start geotagging all your content. Allowing anyone to find out exactly where your business is located. A great way to take control of your area and create a local reach!

Instagram Social Media Hashtag Examples

4. Know your Niche

Start using niche hashtags to connect to a specified target market, hopefully, the ones that are most likely to engage in business with you. If you’re a small business just getting started, this is the perfect way to stand out in a sea of competition!

If you’re sitting and wondering what exactly your niche is, there are tools to assist you. Websites such as Hashtagify and Ritetag provide you with real-time hashtag engagement to give you an idea of what’s currently ‘in’. It also never hurts to look at large companies to see what they use for tags, they’re successful for a reason.

Chevrolet uses #FindNewRoads as their niche tag and it works, with over 170,000 posts of people showing off their new wheels.

Instagram Social Media Profile

5. Track Your Success

What’s the point in implementing all these new ideas if you can’t see the outcome? It’s important to keep track of your social channels to measure results and plan for future marketing campaigns. Basic tools such as mentions, views, and followers will give you a rough idea of success but to gain valuable insights investing in tools such as Hootsuite and Brandwatch will help you.

Follow these tips to ensure that you keep a #superior hashtag game.

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