Bierne Lane

House of the People

Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity

Project Overview

Celissa, a family of Brisbane entertainment and hospitality venues, approached the Soak Creative team to brand their soon to be launched night-life eatery.

Located in the lively and illustrious Fortitude Valley Mall, Celissa wanted the restaurant to be an ode to the space it inhabited, the heritage-listed TCB Department Store. The department store was built and named after a hero from Brisbane’s earlier days, the philanthropist and politician, T.C Beirne.

The client was running against an ever-approaching launch date and a lack of brand awareness. Their customers were divided between a more mature audience and the younger demographic frequenting the Valley Mall. With this in mind, we set out to create a visual language and digital marketing strategy that could bridge this gap and rapidly spread awareness of Celissa’s up-and-coming nightlife hub.

Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity
Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity
Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity


Through extensive research and brand workshops, it became clear to us that their brand needed a visual language that melded the old-world with the new. This messaging would appeal to a mature market with its nostalgic charm, while still catering to a younger demographic with a fresh sense of playfulness.

With an approaching launch date, our client needed to swiftly convey this message to their Brisbane audience. We planned to do so using a holistic marketing strategy that would utilise multiple channels of engagement, including Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram.

At the centre of their digital marketing campaign, we designed a website that would capture and convey their spirit of light-hearted nostalgia.

Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity
Beirne Lane - Graphic design and web design


With a visual language that draws upon the sophistication of old-world Brisbane and the liveliness of a modern dining experience, Beirne Lane was born. This lively take on old-time charm successfully bridges the age divide in their audience, allowing access to both a mature demographic and a youthful clientele.

In the lead up to the Beirne Lane launch date, SOAK Creative devised a brand awareness strategy, targeted to audiences in Brisbane, and to be rolled out on social media. Upon the launch of Beirne Lane, the venue’s exposure grew from next to nothing to over 450,000 people seeing the newly developed brand through their Instagram and Facebook ads. The marketing campaign implemented by SOAK also led them to receive more than 500 Facebook event responses for their launch party and over 20,000 people actively engaging with their Facebook and Instagram pages.

A suite of on-brand event posters was developed to cover daily and regular events throughout the week.

With SOAK Creative’s graphic design, social media marketing and google marketing, Beirne Lane has truly become “the house of the people” and the thriving Brisbane nightlife hub it is today.

Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity
Beirne Lane - Graphic design and brand identity

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