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Project Overview

How we helped the public experience Brisbanes most premier development before its even built.

Star Entertainment approached SOAK Creative to present our ideas for our vision of Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, a new six billion dollar entertainment precinct in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. Star Entertainment had been presented ideas but nothing connected with the executive team.

SOAK were engaged to look at the brands online presence and website, as well as the on-the-ground brand of which the 1 KM long hoarding would be the first public touchpoint.

Queen's Wharf Brisbane Hoarding Design Brand


‘Experience and explore Queen’s Wharf, before it is here,” was our concept behind the website Soak developed.

Through an interactive map users could see all the key attractions and features of the 6 year development, and via commissioned video, users could experience a day in the life of what Queens Wharf has to offer. The website was created to keep the public informed of the development progress and allow people to subscribe and follow along via email marketing and social media.

“Brisbane is….” was our inspiration behind the hoarding of the project. Queens Wharf is the biggest, but not the only development around Brisbane, and the Brisbane is.. tag line was used to inform users that Brisbane is changing, Brisbane is growing up, Brisbane is engaging, to both get the public excited about the project, as well as inform that Brisbane is fantastic and only getting better. Soak used our experience in property marketing and developments to drive the production of the hoarding, as well as create the artwork and photography.

Along with the Website and Hoarding, SOAK has worked with Queens Wharf Brisbane in a strategic marketing role, assisting in Direct email communications, and public awareness campaigns across social media, Google and Youtube announcing the construction updates in the CBD.

Queen's Wharf Brisbane Hoarding Design Brand
Queen's Wharf Brisbane Hoarding Design Brand


The hoarding has become one o the largest billboards in Brisbane, and has received consistently great feedback in the community, as well as from the premier’s office.

The website has become a focal point of all marketing and advertising initiatives, and was a finalist in the Brisbane Art Directors Club (BADC) awards.

Through our awareness campaigns, SOAK has built campaigns that have reached over a million Brisbane residents with outstanding engagement amongst the online community.

Queens Wharf Brisbane - Property Brand Strategy and Branding Design Brisbane Australia
Queens Wharf Brisbane - Property Brand Strategy and Branding Design Brisbane Australia

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