The Benefits of Explainer Videos for Your Brand

Explainer videos engage your audience with your brand, teach them about how your business works, and why you’re essential. Here are the top benefits why.

Technology has grown an astronomical amount over the last few decades. For businesses, technology means more ways to make your practices more efficient and your brand more widely known. A popular way to do this is through video content. Video content can help engage your audience with your brand. They can teach your viewers about how your business works, and why it’s essential. These videos, called “explainer videos”, are some of the most important tools out there today.

Here are the top 8 benefits of producing explainer videos for your brand.

An example of an Explainer video created for one of our clients.

1. Explainer videos allow you to get creative

The best way to create compelling video marketing in Brisbane, or anywhere for that matter, is to get creative.

Video production allows for things you can’t convey over text, so you might as well take the opportunity to make visual-based jokes and use your favorite song to underscore. People like entertainment and will respond better to a video that gives them a positive reaction.

If you don’t have a dedicated creative team for advertisements, hiring an outside company is the next best thing. This way, you know a professional is in charge of your digital marketing. Soak Creative develops brand videos as a marketing agency in Brisbane.

2. Explainer videos increase conversion rates

It’s vital to take conversion rates into account when you design your website and social media accounts. Your conversation rate is simply the rate at which you turn potential clients into customers.

Explainer videos increase conversion rates because they provide a clear, logical solution to problems that consumers face. This funneling leads consumers to respond to the video’s call to action.

A study run through Hubspot revealed that videos in an email lead to up to 200-300% more click-throughs. The same report says that 54% of consumers wish to see video content from businesses, and 73% of those surveyed prefer entertaining content.

Looking at statistics like conversion rates are generally a great way to find out how people like to engage with your content.

3. Explainer videos are highly shareable

The great thing about explainer videos is that they don’t have to be available solely on your website.

YouTube and Vimeo are a couple of examples of websites on which you can upload your content. These sites are free and use keywords to help consumers find your channel.

Another benefit of video-sharing platforms is their mobile-friendly optimization. “Mobile-optimized” means you can enjoy videos optimized for your smartphone, even if your website itself is not optimized.

Potential customers are more likely to share videos than blog posts or other text-based content. It is because explainer videos are more accessible to consume. After all, you watch explainer videos, rather than just read or hear them.

According to SmallBizTrends, video generates 12 times more shares than images and text combined.

4. They make the perfect sales pitch

It’s hard to get your elevator pitch just right on the spot. Luckily, explainer videos are there to inform clients and investors precisely what your company does quickly and accurately. The video is then available to use with at any time, with people all around the world – and it’s the same perfect pitch every time!

You can put this video on third party sites, as we mentioned before. It’s also appropriate to place on a landing page, homepage, and any social media page. This way, it’s readily available to those who are interested in your pitch.

An example of another explainer video created for a client in conjunction with our animation partner.

5. They improve SEO rankings

Google’s algorithm uses the time visitors spend on a website as one of the critical factors in its ranking system. Videos encourage consumers to stay on a site longer. This retention is why video production has become so popular in the last decade – the importance of getting on the first page of a Google search!

6. Explainer videos show off your company visually

Explainer videos give a unique perspective other mediums can’t deliver. If you have a state of the art facility or an intriguing product, you can use your video to show it off. Walkthroughs and brief product demonstrations are integral in helping customers decide what they’d like to buy and put any of their concerns at ease.

Visually represented statistics or testimonials are another way to use an explainer video. These help customers recognize the quantitative benefits of your service and make a logical conclusion from the data. As long as you can summarize something in a short time frame, you can include it in your brand videos.

7. They’re adaptable

The best explainer videos are adaptable to any situation. This adaptability means if your company has something to announce, it may only require editing one section of the explainer video to accommodate the change. You can even try experimenting with the editing without changing the content itself.

This simple method helps cuts costs while remaining an effective way to advertise for your brand.

8. They put your brand’s personality on display

Showing off your brand’s personality is the best way to connect with your audience. Video is the perfect medium to express your personality because you can combine audio and video for the full experience.

The way you stylize your video can tell a lot about the tone you’re trying to convey. This stylisation includes the sound of your script, your narrator’s voice, and the visual style you decide to implement.

Putting your personality at the forefront of your brand videos helps consumers create a personal relationship with your company. This relationship is necessary to bring in repeat customers, as well as to attract clients you may never interact with in person.

Use your explainer video to describe your company and show off your personality to create a loyal customer base.

Explainer videos open up a world of possibilities in your digital marketing campaign. They’re short, concise, and convey a ton of information about your brand in a way that’s accessible to many consumers. Investing in brand videos like explainer videos makes it more likely customers will interact with your business, making it worth any production costs it may incur.

Hiring a creative agency is the fastest way to get a professional-quality explainer video. When you need a digital marketing agency in Brisbane or internationally, Soak Creative is here to develop your ideas from anywhere.

Are you looking to build your brand and help sell your products with video marketing? Contact Soak Creative today.

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