Elevate your Social Game with a Facebook Marketing Partner

We’ve been grinding hard to become a certified Facebook Marketing Partner. But what does that mean and why should you care?

As an Agency, our collective conscious is wired to deliver the best possible service for our clients.

Our world is digital and as one of the pioneers of this new world, Facebook has grown into so much more than just a place to share a photo of your new puppy or update your relationship status.

With many of our clients leveraging Facebook and Instagram for their social media and advertising, it’s on us to fully understand the platform’s possibilities, so we can provide nothing but the best recommendations.

Which is why we are proud to announce that Soak Creative is grinding hard to become a certified Facebook Marketing Partner.

Facebook Marketing Business PartnerOur team of experts have the validation, training, and knowledge to not only provide you with expert advice, but also give you access to the additional tools and features often kept unavailable to smaller businesses.

We like to think of it as enterprise-level accessibility and results, without the headcount!

The benefits that we can leverage from a Facebook Marketing Partnership enhance our ability to drive your success through spending optimization, recommendations, and more detailed analytical reporting.

We know it all sounds very glossy and attractive, but we sense you might be thinking: what is a Facebook Marketing Partner and why should I care?

A Facebook Marketing Partner is a company that has been vetted and badged based off their level of expertise in helping organisations leverage Facebook for business purposes.

Okay, cool, but why should you care right?!

1. Work with real, qualified Facebook marketing experts

Our dedication to this partnership highlights our commitment to practicing what we preach. We don’t just say we have the expertise; we ARE the experts. We have trained and experienced employees overseeing your Facebook Account to keep your marketing endeavors trending upwards.

2. Advertise better with a Facebook Marketing Partner

With our expertise, we can help organisations at any point of the business cycle. Whether you are looking to launch, need a new approach, or lack the internal resources to correctly monitor and measure the success of your campaigns, Soak is here to help.

3. Sell more

Facebook eCommerce can be wrought with hiccups. From setting up your shop and curating catalogues to implementing the right tools for API conversions and tracking day to day activity, there is always something to do. With Soak Creative handling your selling, you can sit back and watch those products move.

4. Engage the right way

Customer experience, customer experience, customer experience!

Communicating with your customers through dedicated pages and personalised conversations is vital to your overall success. Soak Creative can help you refine the communication process for a more streamlined, engaging and personalised customer experience, meaning more smiley face emojis and less fuming red faces!

Are you ready to elevate your social game with a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Make the bold call and embrace the digital world with experts that have made a living out of Facebook.

A Facebook Marketing Partner is a quality and expertise guarantee. With Soak Creative, our staff are constantly reviewing platform best-practices to stay ahead of the game and ensure your company’s brand will receive the level of expertise and dedication only years of experience can deliver.

To learn more about how we can elevate your social game, contact our Facebook experts today.

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